Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup

Camera Ready

Please arrive fully dressed, with hair and makeup done and shoes on. Camera Ready means you are ready to be filmed, photographed, or audio recorded as soon as you arrive. (You should have a 2nd change nearby in a bag or laid out, but you already need to be fully wearing option 1). For Zoom Calls please wear shoes as we may ask you to stand and to an activity, even for voice-actors we may ask you to stand.

    Zoom Meeting

    Information to note and helpful guidelines:

    • The Zoom Call will be Recorded and we may use the recording for the final project
    • No blurred backgrounds
    • Please try to have a blank wall or a background cleared from clutter
    • Pre-plan to have a water bottle or cup of water on your desk so you can stay hydrated


    Try to make sure your backgrounds are flat if possible.

    • Plain White Wall
    • Gray Backdrop

    Opps: If you can’t move your computer and only have a stationary room (THAT’S OKAY) please do the following:

    • Remove all clutter off of counters.
    • Take all logos out of view.
    • Make sure your background fits the theme of the shoot which is typically family friendly.


    RING LIGHT: Try to use a ring light and make sure your face is well lit.

    • White lights✅
    • Light-Yellow lights✅

    NATURAL LIGHT: If you only have natural light please try to face a window so the light is shinging on your face. 

    • No windows behind you.❌
    • Window in front of you. ✅
    • Make sure the light is not too bright and doesn’t glare.
    • If it’s night, then try to put on an indoor light that is bright on your computer desk.


    KIDS & ADULTS: For Family Friendly Projects

    •  What you decide in the end, let’s go with it.
    • No logos.
    • Limit stripes. Prefer no stripes.
    • No checks or polka dots. It doesn’t show up correctly on camera.
    • Solid Colors – Green, blue, Pink, Orange, and more. 
    • Limit black. Limit white if possible.
    • Layers – layer a sweater over, an over shirt over it. Layer 2 colors on themselves.
    • Focus on Chest up looks b/c of a Zoom (The outfit might look great standing but we are filming your chest to your head, so the outfit must look great from the chest to the top of your head. )
    • Modest Styles: Please don’t show belly or mid-drift


    BOYS: For Family Friendly Projects

    • Gelled back
    • Curled with curling Iron
    • Long Hair pulled back into a low back bun

    GIRLS: For Family Friendly Projects

    • There are a few options:
      • Pigtails that are front facing and curled
      • Curled hair with a curling iron
      • Blow dryed straight (If your hair doesn’t curl only)
      • Two High Buns
      • High Side Ponytail visible in the front and curled
      • Bows are great (No logos)

    MEN: For Family Friendly Projects

    • Edged up Beard. Please make sure your beard has clean lines and edges. Add product to your beard to make it shine.
    • Clean Shaven. If you don’t have a beard please be clean shaven.
    • Hair Gelled back. Please add product.

    WOMEN: For Family Friendly Projects

    • Hair Down and curled
    • Hair Down and blow dryed and flat ironed stright (If your hair doesn’t curl)



    • Touchup foundation to cover blemishes, marks, and pimples.
    • Please wear chap stick.


    • Touchup foundation for cuts and blemishes.
    • Please wear chap stick.


    • Lip Gloss with light color
    • Soft lipstick colors if you have them
    • Mascara and eye liner


    • Full Makeup (Please include eye liner, mascara, simple eye shadow, foundation.)
    • (Short lashes for Women if you have them.)