The Cat Crash

The Cat Crash is about an alien obsessed cat that goes on a journey to try to live his best life. 

🏆 We just won a film festival award!!

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Ekaette Elizabeth Shammah is the animator and producer of this exciting project.


The characters include Pan, her 3 cats, a vet and tons of aliens!


Pan is a compassionate teen, who originally owned 2 cats and then took in Nom Nom a street cat from the streets and loves him like her own. She has a cool T-shirt were an animated cat seems to come alive in the film.



The Star of The Cat Crash, CatTube Channel. He is confident and very entertaining…. well at least if you ask him.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom is the only cat that can see and sense aliens. He is very concerned about how Pan’s CatTube channel is attracting aliens to their home. He was originally a street cat, but found a home with Pan! He loves his new home, but not his new intergallactic alien friends.


Geo is Pal’s sidekick and seems to agree with everything Pal is doing.

Dr. Case

Dr. Case is a veterinarian who is on the case every time she sees an animal in need.


He is a huge fan of Pan’s CatTube channel and is a cat video enthusiast. He is often found interfering with the lives of the cut cats he watches, all for a good laugh.

NOD Aliens

The Nod’s are intergalactic aliens with special intelligence and a unique love for cat videos.

About the Film

The Cat Crash won a Film Festival Award. We won Gold in Animation at the International Independent Film Awards!


The Cat Crash is about an Alien Obsessed Cat that goes on a Journey to live his best life.


The cat crash is a short film, 9 minutes in length.


The Cat Crash is safe for the whole family.

Meet the Cast

Jean-Ashia Patrice Fordham

Jean-Ashia Patrice Fordham played the role of Pan.

Julian Clark

Julian Clark plays Nom Nom.

Tatianna Areizaga

Tatianna Areizaga plays Geo.

Regenal Armour

Regenal Armour is the voice of Pal.

Kruz Lopez

Kruz Lopez is the voice of At’Nod

Addison Gibbs

Addison Gibbs is the voice of Aga’Nod.

Malia Marmolejo

Malia Marmolejo is the voice of Mmd’Nod.

Mia Sophia Urena

Mia Sophia Urena is the voice of Mua’Nod.

Rodney Brewster

Rodney Brewster is the voice of Rbf’Nod.

Jasmin Tatyana Brown

Jasmin Tatyana Brown is the voice of Jbo’Nod.

Anya Kalia

Anya Kalia is the voice of Aka’Nod.

Ekaette Shammah

Ekaette Shammah is the voice of Dr. Case.

Antonio T. Luna

Antonio T. Luna is the voice of AL’Nod.


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The Cat Crash won a Film Festival Award. We won Gold in Animation at the International Independent Film Awards!


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