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  • Are you a creative, writer, actor, voice-over artist, aspiring animator with an idea for a script?

  • Do you wish you had a team that could help make your idea a reality?

  • Do you want to learn the tools to create a finished project that airs on TV or a streaming platform?

  • Join us for the Animation Builders Virtual Summit where you will hear from creators, animation producers, and industry coaches on the essential steps of how to build an animated film from start to finish.



You will LEARN

Idea to Writing for Animation

Character Description, Character History, Pitching

The Power that Voice-Over Talent Has on the Production

How Your Choices Transform an Animated Project

How to Build Confidence

What the Industry Requires

Animation Insider View

An inside look at how an animated project is put together

List Building and Following

The Four Audiences that You Need to Connect With

The 3 Ideals of the Voice-Over Animation Business

Learn what you need to do to achieve your goals




Speakers & Panelists


EKAETTE CEO of Set on a Hill

Ekaette is the CEO of Set on a Hill. She has successfully written, produced, and animated 3 kids television shows and several films from an idea to a successful TV & Streaming Premiere. She is the lead animator of Set on a Hill and has been recognized by winning film festival awards. She holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston Victoria. She is the author and illustrator of 5 children’s books and producer of 5 children’s albums.

She will be the keynote speaker for the event.


Bob Bergen Voice of Porky

Bob has voiced Porky, Tweety, Marvin the Martian, Henry Hawk, Sylvester Jr., and Speedy Gonzales in a variety of feature films, albums, toys, games, and television series’, including the two-time Emmy nominated series Duck Dodgers, in which Bob received an Annie Award nomination as best voice performer in a television series.

Animated features include Tangled, TinkerBell, Spirited Away, A Bug’s Life, Iron Giant, Cars, The Emperor’s New Groove, Up, Wall-E, to name a few. He voices Luke Skywalker for LucasArts interactive games, as well as all 3 Robot Chicken: Star Wars specials. 

He will share valuable insights for animated voice actors within our Industry Insights Interview highlight exclusively for this event.

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Set on a Hill is an award winning animation production company that specializes in the kids and family industry. We have successfully produced TV Shows, Films, Music Videos, and Commercials.

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