Are you a singing voice-over artist and want to use your voice within songs on TV or as a voice on animated films? The Industry: Film, TV, & Music is waiting for you, so learn what it takes to be an Industry Insider.



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You will learn:

✅ Voice-Over Tips and Tricks

✅ Tools You Need to Succeed as a Voice Talent

✅ Music Industry How-To

✅ Superpower combo of Music and Voice-Over

Monthly Insights

12 Months of Industry INsights

Every month we interview a new industry professional within the film, TV, and music industry. Learn up to date news on the industry and what it takes to utilize your voice.

  • 12 Months of Industry Insights Interviews


Interactive Learning

Learn with an interactive video that asks you to participate in all of the vocal efforts with clear examples that are tons of fun.


Now it’s your turn to activate what you learned and showcase the new voices you created through animation. You get the option to duet/remix an animated character on social media.


We provide a bonus toolkit so that whenever you have an audition, presentation, or project you can easily create characters.

    Module Overview

    Module 1: Everyday Efforts + Activation

    We will teach these vocal efforts that you can use in every single character. Activate by using what you learned to play a “Villain”

    Module 2: Standout Efforts + Activation

    It’s time to stand out from the rest of the crowd and bring maturity into your script reading. Activate with an animated character as the “Victim”.

    Module 3: Hero Efforts + Activation

    Finish off with your final hero efforts to complete the framework of 101 Animated Vocal Efforts. Activate with an animated video where you can play the “Hero”.

    Character Creation Toolkit

    Grab this bonus and take this toolkit with you to your next audition, project, or script reading so that you can stay consistent and unique in the characters you create.

    This Superpower Academy’s Industry Insights is for voice talent that:

    🎙Want to learn new tools they can use to stand out

    🎙Want to be learn how to master their auditions

    🎙Want to learn all of the avenues to make your voice into a career

    About Us

    Animation | Film | Television | Voice-Over Training

    Set on a Hill is a media production company for the kids and family industry. We specialize in multilingual Animation, TV & Film Production, and Voice-Over Directing & Training.



    Kemdi N.

    “I loved this experience! Throughout this process, I learned that you have to take your time to find a script that fits your voice and when you read slowly take your time and elongate words, it will sound soo much better! I 100% would recommend this to other people! Overall, This was so much fun to record in my own bedroom.”

    Elizabeth T.

    “I learned that I can actually create cool characters!”

    Adam R.

    “I’m going to use my character in my upcoming “singing-for-voiceover” demo, so this challenge has given me another chance to focus on that character, to really own it. I would certainly recommend this to my VO colleagues. It’s great to have a goal in the outside world to strive for.”

    London P.

    “This was super exciting, and I found a whole bigger group of people who are working VO actors.”