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#1 Way to Get More Auditions

Learn the #1 thing you need to do today to get more voice-over auditions.

What You Will Learn
✅The #1 Change You Need to Make Today
✅Free Audition Avenues
✅How to Get Clients to Select You for an Audition
✅Understand how Clients Look For VO Talent

Demo Reel Checklist

The easy to use checklist to help you uncover gaps in your marketing and unlock opportunities that you can implement today!

When it comes to demo reels have you felt like 1 just wasn’t enough to showcase your skills and abilities. There are actually 20 different demo reel categories that you can use to stand out in front of the crowd of voice-over artists who only have a commercial or animation demo reel. Want to know what all 20 categories are?

This Checklist is for voice talent that:
🎙Want to expand thier online profiles
🎙Want to get more auditions
🎙Need a clear framework on creating new demo reels
🎙Need a way to evaluate what is missing in their resume packet
🎙Need encouragement with their voice-over goals

What’s Your Superpower? Quiz

With billions of voices out there, and companies everywhere looking for vocal talent, do you know what your vocal superpower is?

Take the quiz to find out!


Don’t know where to start in voice-over? This quiz is for you!

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