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Set on a Hill is a media production company for the kids and family industry. We specialize in multilingual Animation, TV & Film Production and Music Production.

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Ekaette is the CEO of Set on a Hill. Casting Director, Producer and Writer are some of her accolades. She is a filmmaker and animator who has has written and produced 3 Television series, 3 Animated Films, and 5 Live Action Films. As a director for film and TV shows she has coached kids, teens, and adults to showcase their best characters that connect with audiences.

She is the author of 6 children’s books, where 3 were made into televisions shows and cartoons.

Ekaette is a film festival award winner for her hit series Princess Ellie and the Feathered Prince. 

She founded a non-profit called Estadio Magazine Inc. Through the Estadio Magazine and Princess Ellie Songbook Literacy Club she serves over 1000 schools and 60,000 parents and kids with book donations, scholarships, and educational resources.

Ekaette debuted her work on Mundo FOX, airing two kids television shows called Estadio Magazine and Little Brothers Big Sisters.

Within education she holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston, Victoria.


How to say Ekaette!

Ekaette is Nigerian-American. Her first name is from the Ibibio language in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Ekaette is a very common regional Nigerian name. “It’s not about how perfect you say my name, it’s about trying! You can do it!” Check out the phonetic pronunciation below and then press play to hear the audio explanation.


Phonetically: A – Kite🪁- Tay