The Superpower Academy is a vocal academy for talent that want to improve their all-around skill level and who want to learn the various avenues to make a career from their voice. This academy is for vocal talent that include voice-over artists, singers, and comedians. 

Slogan: Superpower your Power, an Amazing Voice! 



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We can offer your involvement in our affiliate program. In the Affiliate Program we would provide you with a custom coupon code. You will get a monetary bonus for each sale made that used your coupon code.

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Course for Reviews

How to Create 101 Animated Character Voices MasterClass is a program within the Superpower Academy. You can take this course so you have a clear understanding of what our programs are all about. This program can be completed in a short amount of time or you can take it at your own pace. This enables collaborators to get our program for free, in return for a review and social media collaboration.

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Our Programs

Main Character

Are you an experienced voice-over artist ready to superpower your best voices, or are you a new voice-over talent that has a ton to learn? This Program is for you. You will gain the tools to PowerUp your voice.

Main Character includes:

  • How to Create 101 Animated Character Voices
  • 20 Foundational Animal Efforts
  • Script Analysis
  • Character Creation Toolkit
  • Table Read Scripts
  • Bonus: Source Connect MasterClass

How to Create 101 Animated Character Voices

Gain depth in your characters! Give 3 Takes for every audition! Gain confidence in creating new voices for characters! Learn how to create over 1 Billion voices with 101+ Vocal Efforts.

What you will learn:

  • 101 Animated Character Vocal Efforts

  • The Ability to Create over 1 Billion Unique Character Voices

  • How to Mix and Match Vocal Efforts

  • How to Use Movement and Acting within Voice-Overs

The Superpower Academy is for voice talent that:

Demographic: Ages 8 years – Adults

Voice-Over Talent | Singers | Comedians

United States + Worldwide

🎙Want to create more animated voices

🎙Are open to using their voice to sing, rap, or do spoken word

🎙Improve your Creativity in Public Speaking

🎙Want to gain the tools to succeed using their voice

🎙Need encouragement with their voice-over goals

About Us

Animation | Film | Television | Voice-Over Training

Set on a Hill is a media production company for the kids and family industry. We specialize in multilingual Animation, TV & Film Production, and Voice-Over Directing & Training.

ABout Your Instructor

Ekaette is the CEO of Set on a Hill. She has been connecting talented voices to animated characters for over 10 years as an animator, producer, casting director, and voice-over coach.

She is a filmmaker who has has written and produced 3 Television series, 3 Animated Films, and 5 Live Action Films. As a director for film and TV shows she has coached kids, teens, and adults to showcase their best characters that connect with audiences.
She is the author of 6 children’s books, where 3 were made into televisions shows and cartoons.

Ekaette knows voices. She does voice-overs in over 30 different languages, plays tons of characters, and has created a training where she teaches voice-over actors how to voice over 101 Animated Character voices.

That’s not all! Ekaette knows all aspects of the voice. Ekaette is a film music composer, singer and has produced 6 EPs and albums. Her albums have been featured on films and tv shows.

She is a natural trainer and has spoken at hundreds of K-12 schools, Universities, and educational programs. She holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston Victoria.

OliviA Rodrigo & Madison Hu

Live Virtual Programs

M-F 2 hour Programs

Shemar Moore

Red Carpet Experience

We’ll send a red carpet for the online Red Carpet Event*

Sheldon Bailey

Sing for Animation

It’s your turn to be featured in an animated film



Kemdi N.

“I loved this experience! Throughout this process, I learned that you have to take your time to find a script that fits your voice and when you read slowly take your time and elongate words, it will sound soo much better! I 100% would recommend this to other people! Overall, This was so much fun to record in my own bedroom.”

Elizabeth T.

“I learned that I can actually create cool characters!”

Adam R.

“I’m going to use my character in my upcoming “singing-for-voiceover” demo, so this challenge has given me another chance to focus on that character, to really own it. I would certainly recommend this to my VO colleagues. It’s great to have a goal in the outside world to strive for.”

London P.

“This was super exciting, and I found a whole bigger group of people who are working VO actors.”

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