Idea Journal


When the light bulb goes off in your head for a song title, character voice, or social media post, do you write it down or forget it?

So many of you have superstar ideas and are super creative, but you need to add one small thing…

You need to add the discipline of writing your ideas down in a journal.

Idea Journal Top 5 Benefits

  1. If you ever need an idea, you can pull from years worth of ideas in your journal.
  2. You get into the habit of writing which can turn into a full album one day
  3. You can start a song or an idea and someone else can finish it
  4. You can look back at your progress as a writer
  5. You will almost never have writers block because you always have something to fall back on

An Idea Journal will benefit you in numerous ways. You can use your computer using a word document, you can use a google drive document so you have it wherever you go, or you can use a notes app. Just make sure you constantly are writing your ideas down.

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