Please outline what is your career focus.

Share with us the top 5 companies that you want to work for.

Using your O-net Interest Profiler. Choose 3 careers that you would like to have from the lists.

Outline what is the top 15 companies in your city that have a sales department in any level of the company that you could potentially shadow while you work at the company. At least 5 need to be smaller companies that are headquartered in college station.

Consider google searching: Utility, Electric, and Gas Companies in College Station. I found already 10 that have locations there. Do not discredit these companies because they are closer to the larger public companies that you want to work for. Working for a larger company shows more credibility.  Also include the Home Depot on your list.

Fill out the enclosed form and email it to by Friday, May 22nd by 10pm.

Click Here: Internship to Careers Step 1

You will be given more assignments during this time so work hard and fast.

The next step is the proposal, improved resume, and improved references.