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Gain film credits, get publicity, premiere your voice as a principal character on a family friendly animated film

The Animation Collaborative Group delivers the most honest, authentic and reliable way to build your film industry resume from acting to a successful Television Premiere.


You Will Get


A principal role as a voice actor in an animated film


IMDB credit as an actor


IMDB credit as an assistant writer


IMDB credit as an assistant composer*


10 Film Festival Submissions


Publicity: Articles featuring your success

Ask Yourself this career changing question..

What’s the difference between having strong credits, 3 news articles about you, and completing a film that you were a part of…

And spending energy yourself trying to build a film team, trying to write by yourself, trying to direct while you act, and not getting a finished screenplay or any credits…

    “When will I ever finish my animated script and get it made?”


    Likely outcomes you have dealt with..


    Never finishing an animated script because you do it by yourself, never getting to the step where an editor looks at your script, never organizing a script read with real voice actors


    Distracting yourself for 6 full months wrestling with animation software and low budget editors. You try to find a budget solution and the results and client experience is not a positive experience.


    Taking yet another acting class, writing class, producing class and never making your own finished project.


    Taking yet another acting class, writing class, producing class and never making your own finished project.

    Fix that by no longer being alone.

    Now you are a collaborative writer, you are a collaborative creator, and you are a star.

      Animation can cost:

      $25K-$100K per minute 1 minute for short films to major feature films

      But when you join a collaborative, we can make a film together, win awards together, and share our success together.

        Are you ready to join other creators, other writers, other voice actors and get your dreams of being a principal voice on an animated film?

        Join the Animation Collaborative Group and transform your dreams this year.

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