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Module Overview

MODULE 1 - 1 Billion Voices
Section 1: Ekaette's Animal Efforts Overview + Activation
Section 2: Everyday Efforts + Activation
Section 3: Standout Efforts + Activation
Section 4: Hero Efforts + Activation
Section 5: Character Creation Toolkit + Create Your Own Character
MODULE 2: Pronunciation and Articulation
MODULE 3: Animal Efforts + Table Read
MODULE 4: Tone
MODULE 5: Size & Viewpoint
MODULE 6: Beat Breakdown & Script Analysis
MODULE 7: Articulation Efforts
MODULE 8: Audition Practice
MODULE 9: Source Connect Masterclass - BONUS
MODULE 10: Vocal Range Career Analysis - BONUS


Adam R.
“I’m going to use my character in my upcoming “singing-for-voiceover” demo, so this challenge has given me another chance to focus on that character, to really own it. I would certainly recommend this to my VO colleagues. It’s great to have a goal in the outside world to strive for.”

Amber D.
“I absolutely loved this experience!! What I learned during the process was to believe in myself and trust my creative approaches. I loved cultivating my character and being presented with the challenge of creating a voice for someone completely new. I feel like this challenge pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to blend my various passions/hobbies into one. I would highly recommend these challenges to people! Especially as a new voice over artist, it was a great space to let loose and have fun! I appreciate you all for creating this opportunity and I look forward to future programs and events.”

Josh P.
“I enjoyed the experience because of how I could enter work where I expressed myself. Usually, it’s hard to talk about yourself in a personal way when you’re also getting judged, but the vibes I got from this contest did not feel like I was getting judged. It felt like I was encouraged to express myself, and that’s what I loved. I also learned that I shouldn’t care what others think, in regards to expressing myself in my work. I would definitely recommend this challenge to others, along with the events and programs!”

Kemdi N.
“I loved this experience! Throughout this process, I learned that you have to take your time to find a script that fits your voice and when you read slowly take your time and elongate words, it will sound soo much better! I 100% would recommend this to other people! Overall, This was so much fun to record in my own bedroom.”

Elizabeth T.
“I learned that I can actually create cool characters!”

London P.
“This was super exciting, and I found a whole bigger group of people who are working VO actors.”

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Meet Your Instructor
Ms. Ekaette Shammah, MBA – CEO | Animator
Ekaette is the CEO of Set on a Hill.

She is an award winning animator for kids and family TV shows. She is a filmmaker and film festival award winner. She uses this 101 Animated Character framework to train her voice-over artist on her films to connect with the storyline, the animation team, and the audience. Now she is sharing her award winning framework with you.

Ekaette is a film music composer and producer of 6 albums. Her albums have been featured on films and tv shows. She sings in 30 different languages and has performed worldwide at Family Festivals through her Princess Ellie Kids brand.

She is a natural storyteller and author of 5 children’s books. She holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston Victoria.

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